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Breitling Transocean Blue Replica

A big Breitling Transocean Blue Replica date at 12 o'clock. Two discs are used to create the big date. Breitling Transocean Blue Replica One for each digit and one for each day. It also has a 'quickdate' feature that allows the date to change instantly at midnight, instead of moving slowly from 10pm until 1am. You can also change the date directly by moving the hour from the second position on the crown.You can also access a second time Breitling Transocean Blue Replica zone at 6:05 o'clock. This allows you to monitor your home time and any other time zone, especially if you are working internationally. This is indicated on a transparent disc with painted black circles and numbers that rotates. The time zone is indicated by a triangular pointer at the bottom of the dial. The main Breitling Transocean Blue Replica problem with that indicator is the way it is set. You cannot move the dial forward or backward independently from the time. To change the main hour, you must first set the gap between home and main time. Next, set the main one Breitling Transocean Blue Replica again. It's not an easy system. But once you have it set up, it is easy to read.The caseback is fully covered, with the exception of a small aperture showing the balance wheel or the rotor. It has the name 'DESTINATION, the serial number, 12 time zones, and technical specifications. Hautlence's choice is understandable, given the fact that there was no in-house Breitling Transocean Blue Replica movement.The Destination's look is enhanced by the sapphire crystal. To be fully integrated into the case's design, it is faceted on each side. The watch's cost is largely due to the crystal. Even though it is supposed to be scratch-resistant it should still be used with care.Breitling Transocean Blue Replica

The Breitling Replica Watches main attraction of Hautlence Destination is its stunning dial. This Breitling Transocean Blue Replica watch could be purchased on its own. The Destination watch has many finishes, layers, and a pleasant balance. It creates an atmosphere of high-end luxury and is easy to Breitling Transocean Blue Replica read. The centre section: a clous de Paris guilloche, surrounded by the minute chapters, which are applied to the dial and contrasted with the red gold tone. The rest of the dial has a fine straight graining around it. The main indications, the second time zone (at 12) and the big date (6 at 6), are highlighted in a red-gold triangular zone. They respond one to another and have their own finish, a Sunburst brush. The dial is surrounded by an inner bezel Breitling Transocean Blue Replica that has a frost graining.Notice: The Destination 02 (Titanium dial with silver) and Destination 03 (full-black DLC) have very different designs. The center of the dial is made of a honeycomb structure, not a guilloche. This allows for a better view of the movement and gives it a more technical feel.Breitling Transocean Blue Replica

The Breitling Transocean Replica Watches 'floating hour indexes' really stand out on the dial. Between the Breitling Transocean Blue Replica hands and the dial is a crystal that has an intermediate glass attached with four screws. This is where all the logo and indexes are bonded. When the minute hand passes Breitling Transocean Blue Replica under one of these indexes, it adds a cool factor. These indexes have a matte black dial and a mirror-polished finish. This mirror finish is also used for the hands, which provide a greater contrast. The hour hand features an arrow design, while the minute has a classic baton shape. Both are filled in white Breitling Transocean Blue Replica Super-LumiNova (as is the moon and the sun on the day/night indicators).The intermediate sapphire crystal is not as reflective as the main one. It can reflect light on the dial, so it is difficult to read. It also enhances the floating effect (see photo 15).Breitling Transocean Blue Replica

Best Replica Watches Destination 01's case is composed of four parts. The main Breitling Transocean Blue Replica case is in black DLC Titanium (which houses the movement), and an external bezel made of 18K5N red. There are also 2 lug modules that attach to the case. It is similar Breitling Transocean Blue Replica to Hautlence's previous models, with its rectangular shape and cut angles. The case measures 37mm by 43.5mm and has a total height of 13mm. It weighs in at 121 grams and is very visible on the wrist.The dial is adorned with many details and comes in multiple finishes. The black DLC main case is brushed Breitling Transocean Blue Replica while the gold bezel has mirror polished top and sides. The lugs have been brushed on the sides and top, creating a mirror-polish angle. This is a new detail for the brand.Breitling Transocean Blue Replica